About the Union County Health Care Foundation


Under the leadership of Dr. Joseph A. Camunas, the Union County Health Care Foundation was granted a Certificate of Incorporation as a non-profit corporation by the state of South Carolina in January 26, 1993. This was later followed with Federal Government certification as a 501(c)(3) corporation.

Founding Members

  • Joseph A. Camunas, M.D.
  • H. Woodliff Sanford, M.D.
  • Barham F. Kennedy
  • John M. Baarcke, D.M.D
  • Jerry M. Bruce
  • Willard M. Hines, Sr.
  • Loy M. Howard
  • Mrs. Harold P. Hope
  • F. Everett Leigh
  • Mrs. Henry Madden
  • Carl L. Mason
  • Mrs. Henry B. Richardson
  • Helen M. Stockinger, M.D.
  • Mrs. P. K. Switzer
  • L. Randy Wilburn
  • Mrs. John L. Ward, Jr.


The Union County Health Care Foundation is a network of caring citizens whose goal is to identify and secure additional funding to supplement the efforts of Wallace Thomson Hospital, Ellen Sagar Nursing Home, the Emergency Medical Service (EMS), and the medical community of Union County in providing high quality, cost effective healthcare.


The purpose of the Union County Health Care Foundation is to raise funds through charitable donations and fundraising events that will be applied to the healthcare needs of the citizens of Union County. 100% of all funds raised will be applied to fulfill the mission of the Foundation.

How the Purpose is Accomplished

To fulfill this purpose, the Foundation borrowed money and purchased 30% ownership in American Homepatient in 1993. The loan has been repaid and the income from this business pays ALL administrative costs of the Foundation. Thus, every penny contributed to the Foundation is applied to healthcare needs.

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