Projects Funded

Projects Funded:

Since its beginning in 1993, the Union County Health Care Foundation has given close to   2 million dollars to the Union Hospital District.  The following are items purchased:

At Wallace Thomson

  • $235,000 for a Picture, Archiving & Communications System for the Radiology Department
  • $1 million for the construction of the new Outpatient Surgery Center
  • a down payment for the Union Transport van
  • a down payment for a new ambulance for Union County EMS
  • a fetal heart monitor for the OB Department
  • private patient room renovations
  • renovations to triage area in ER
  • new training crisis mannequin
  • new equipment for the Intensive Care Unit
  • renovations for the Pharmacy Department
  • Dinamapp Blood Pressure/Thermometer unit for Outpatient Surgery and 3rd Floor
  • a Surgical Headlight for surgery
  • 5 fully equipped extra wide wheelchairs
  • patient and office furniture for Pain Management
  • refrigerator for laboratory
  • 2 laparoscopic needle holders for Outpatient Surg.
  • ambulatory BP monitor for Cardiopulmonary
  • TV/DVD/VCR with cart for Outpatient Education
  • Dinamapp Blood Pressure unit for Outpatient Education and Marketing/Community Education
  • 2 printers for Patient Financial Services
  • BiliCheck- OB Department
  • Blanket Warmer-ICU
  • Laptop & Docking Station- Information Systems
  • Joint Commission Learning Tool- Medical Staff Coordinator
  • SiteRight PICC Line equipment
  • Cardiovascular Stress Testing System for Cardiopulmonary Services

At Ellen Sagar

  • a new wide screen television
  • a portion of the new aviary for pet therapy
  • new awnings and renovations to the dining facility at Switzer Residential Care

Union County EMS

  • STEMI Data Transfer System
  • Rescue Truck
  • $20,000 toward funding of an Ambulance

Around the Community

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation and Treadmill equipment placed at Union’s YMCA so patients don’t have to travel to Spartanburg for all of their cardiac rehabilitation
  • 70 car seats for Union Safe Kids in support of their program for car seat inspection & replacement
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